Pains Relief Therapy

Clients  come to me for my  ‘serious massage therapy magic’, rather than ‘fluffy massage’.

Your mental and physical health is impacted by high levels of mental, emotional, and physical stresses.

My focus is to help you reduce and eliminate stress related, injury related, or post-surgery pain.

I accept new clients by request or referral and ONLY accept clients I KNOW I can help. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

I specialize in helping you actually achieve your clinical goals rather than just have you lie on the table and have me pat you!

Because you and I know that most people’s pain, stress or discomfort will not be completely resolved or relieved in 1 single session, you may be like most of my other clients  and prefer to participate in one of my precisely-designed programs so you can actually receive your clearly defined results!

(If you’re visiting from out of town, you may be simply looking for a single-session to relax and that’s ok, too.)


Once your specific goals have been achieved, you are best served as a member of my outstanding Elite Member Club! The Elite Member Club is an invitation-only club for people who want to receive consistent massage therapy on an on-going basis to maintain their level of wellness, and stop issues in their tracks before they get worse.
(ONLY for people who are not in acute pain)

Elite Member Club members receive HUGE benefits and are eligible to receive member-only rates, gifts and extra goodies.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility to become a Elite Club member, please request an invitation to The Elite Club here

(I provide a reduced fee for members and for all service that are paid for at time of service and don’t require billing.)

Single Session Regular RatesSingle Session Non-Member RatesSingle Session Member Rates
Start at:Start at:
$174$99too low to mention here

“Tune-Up, Fix-it” Sessions

If you have one area or spot that needs “fixing,” come in for a “Tune-Up/Fix-It Session.”  Usually done clothed, the focus is on reducing pain, and breaking spasms in one specific area of your body.
Sessions are 15-20 minutes — Ask Quesions here