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My Story

My Story
My goal is to help you be your best and live your life fully by significantly decreasing or eliminating your pain with Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT). As a Pain Relief Specialist, I specialize in providing care for those enduring or suffering with pain in their neck, shoulder, or back, and conditions such as:  Whiplash, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Rotator Cuff Injury, to name a few.  

I am a professionally licensed practitioner with 10+ years of expertise along with advanced training and a certificate in Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT). This therapy greatly reduces pain and suffering by incorporating several modalities including, but not limited to:

  • Myofascial Therapy, 
  • Neuromuscular Re-education, 
  • Trigger Point Therapy, 
  • Biomechanics, 
  • Postural Education, 
  • and Therapeutic Movement. 
Most clients experience immediate results that are significant, effective and long lasting.  AMT also compliments other therapies such as rehabilitation and clinical bodywork. In addition to my massage license and AMT certification, I am also a certified medical massage practitioner. (MMP) and am currently acquiring my personal fitness trainers' certification.

Audrey Nesbitt
Pain Relief Specialist

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

 If you are accepted as a client, I am so confident in the services I provide, that I offer a unique:“You’ll Be Happy or You Don’t Pay” Guarantee!

How My Guarantee Works:

When requesting your initial appointment, I will perform a short, initial consultation asking some specific questions.

Through this consult, I can be sure I can provide the results you are seeking. 

My promise to you: I guarantee that you’ll feel 100% satisfied with the results of your session, or you don’t pay for it.


Let Me Know:

  • Your ideal goal for the session
  • If you have been in an accident recently
  • Do you have a doctor’s prescription or referral
  • Any other pertinent questions pertaining to your specific needs and wants


It Takes Two:

Please be sure to communicate comfortably and openly throughout the session so I can be sure to accommodate your requests.

(*If you wait until the end of the session to ask for something different, I will not have the chance to modify the session or change the course of the session, so regrettably, should that be the case, the guarantee will not apply.)

If you aren’t happy, I'm not happy!

Kindly complete the appointment request form here to get started.



I am located in the Estero Professional Center at the intersection of Corkscrew and Three Oaks.
I will meet you in the second floor waiting area.

Please remember – I am not a spa!

My suite is not sound-proof and sometimes you do hear noise from other suites. You won’t get the fuzzy robes, slippers, and lemon-water, BUT you will receive the highest quality of services.

9911 Corkscrew Rd
Estero, FL 33928


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Appointment Request

Thank you for your reaching out. I am happy to talk with you regarding your specific needs and goals.

I operate my practice a bit different than most and I refer to it as a Precise Private Practice which means I want to make sure I can give you precisely what you are looking for.

Please complete the questions below so that I may determine if I am the best therapist for you and your specific needs and goals.


Reservations, Policies & Etiquette

I work by appointment only. I do not have a receptionist so I will most likely need to return your call. I also communicate through text and email.
When calling to book your appointment please advise if:
  • You will be redeeming a coupon, discount, gift card or gift certificate
  • You have any unusual circumstance I should be aware of in advancedivider_content
Re-Scheduling Policy:
Because I reserve time for your session, please give at least 24 hours notice for rescheduling to avoid paying the full value of the service.
(Because I may turn people away for the time that is held for you, the re-scheduling policy still applies even if you made the appointment for the same day or are moving your time later in the same day.)

Emergencies are handled on an individual basis, at my discretion.
I appreciate your understanding of the policy and appreciate your trust.

Please note- while this is a rare occurrence, it's important to be clear. All illegal requests are reported to the local police. I take my profession and ethics seriously and request that my clients do as well. In the event that a session is terminated, the client agrees to forfeit all prepaid sessions and will not be approved for any future massage sessions.

Request your reservation  here  ~ I’ll see you Soon!

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